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When you’re facing a legal hurdle, it’s important to be able to turn to a knowledgeable attorney who answers your questions and provides you with a cohesive strategy for moving forward. At Mara & Mara, Attorneys at Law in Ormond Beach, we assist clients with a wide range of issues, including family law, business law, bankruptcy, guardianship, estate planning and probate. Our lawyers take the time to get to know you and your specific legal challenges and work hard to protect your rights and best interests at all times.

Reliable support for family law and divorce issues

The attorneys at Mara & Mara have helped hundreds of families address difficult challenges related to family law and divorce. This includes representation and advice on the following issues:

  • Divorce — If you and your partner have decided to separate or get a divorce, you need to make sure you protect your best interests now and in the future.
  • Child custody — Making decisions about which parent should be primary residential parent can be difficult, as can issues related to timesharing and visitation.
  • Child support — The parent who is not the primary residential parent typically must provide the other parent with monthly child support. An attorney can help you calculate what this amount should be.
  • Division of assets — When going through divorce, you and your spouse need to reach an agreement on how you will split marital assets and property. If you cannot reach a settlement yourselves, a court may need to do it for you.
  • Military divorce — Getting a divorce when one or both spouses are in the military involves special considerations.

Whatever family law matters you face, our firm can help.

Guidance and advice on various legal challenges

Often clients who need help with family law eventually face other legal problems. Our attorneys assist with the following areas of the law as well:

  • Bankruptcy — If you’re dealing with a massive amount of debt, one form of relief is to file for bankruptcy protection. We help you decide which option is best for your needs and circumstances.
  • Estate planning/probate — It’s important to engage in the estate planning process to adequately protect your assets and the best interests of your loved ones. If your loved one passes and you need assistance with probating his or her estate, we can also assist with that process.
  • Guardianship/guardian advocacy— If you have a loved one who is not able to take care of himself or herself or his or her assets, a guardianship or guardian advocacy may be the legal tool you need to take care of your loved one and his or her assets.  We advise you as to whether a guardianship is necessary and help you through the process if it is necessary.

Whether you need help with divorce, estate planning, guardianship or another legal issue, you can rely on our lawyers for valuable guidance.

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