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Going through a divorce is seldom easy.  In addition to the emotional factors that play an enormous role in the process, the parties also frequently experience major changes in their lifestyles, finances, and relationships with each other and their children.

At Mara & Mara, our Florida Divorce Attorneys understand the difficulties that you may experience through the course of your divorce.  As Florida Divorce Attorneys, we are accustomed to dealing with these issues, and we know the intricacies of the law with respect to a Florida divorce. Below are the typical stages in a Florida Divorce.

Consultation:  The initial consultation consists of sitting down with the Florida Divorce Attorney of your choice.  This is an opportunity for you and your attorney to create a plan of action for your divorce depending on whether you are the petitioner who plans on filing for the divorce or you are the respondent who has been served with a petition for dissolution of your marriage.  Whether you are the petitioner or the respondent, you will determine, with the advice of your Florida Divorce Attorney, what your goals are with respect to finances, distribution of assets, and various child issues such as time sharing, parental responsibility and child support.

The Divorce Process:  If you are the petitioner, Florida Divorce Attorneys will initiate the divorce process after the consultation.  Your divorce attorney will file the required documents with the court and serve those documents on the respondent.  If you are the respondent, your Florida Divorce attorneys will respond to the original petition in a timely manner and ensure that any defenses or counterclaims are included in that response. 

Settlement: Once the parties have served all the necessary documents and conducted any necessary discovery regarding assets, the parties may be ready to settle the issues either through informal or through formal mediation.  In a mediation, Florida Divorce Attorneys assist the parties, with the help of a mediator, come to a mutual agreement regarding the issues.  If the parties are able to agree on all the issues, then the parties avoid a trial and the costs associated with a trial.  

Trial: Florida Divorce Attorneys prepare for and conduct a trial on any issues that are not settled through informal or formal mediation.  Once the evidence has been presented by both the petitioner and the respondent, the Court makes a final determination of the issues and enters a Final Judgment. 

This is only a brief summary of a typical divorce case.  For more information, we recommend that you contact a knowledgeable divorce attorney.  I f you would like to speak to one of our Florida Divorce Attorneys, please call us at 386-672-8081 or e-mail us by clicking here.

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