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When a loved one passes on, you and your family members are confronted with many issues that need to be resolved.  Mara and Mara’s Florida Probate Attorneys are here to assist you in your time of need.  If your loved one had planned in advance, you will be able to look to a will and/or trust to determine how the assets of your loved one are to be distributed after paying funeral expenses, medical expenses, and other creditors.   If your loved one did not plan in advance, then our Florida Probate Attorneys will ensure that the Florida statutes are followed with respect to distribution of assets.

As Florida Probate Attorneys, we represent the personal representative of the estate of the decedent if there is a will and the trustee of the estate of the decedent if there is a trust.  The personal representative or trustee is named in the will or the trust, and the task of the personal representative or trustee is to ensure that the wishes of the decedent are honored to the best of his or her ability and in keeping with Florida probate and trust law.

The Florida Probate Attorney assists the personal representative and trustee by filing the necessary documents with the court and with any other interested parties, such as beneficiaries and creditors, in a timely manner. 

Please allow our Florida Probate Attorneys to assist you in the probate of your loved one’s estate or in the settling of your loved one’s trust.  If you would like to speak to one of our Florida Probate Attorneys, please call us at 386-672-8081 or e-mail us by clicking here. 

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