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Timeshare Foreclosure

When you lose your job or suffer some other financial disaster, the last thing you’re worried about is making payments on your vacation timeshare, or paying maintenance fees. But it’s something you should pay attention to. A Timeshare Foreclosure can affect your credit just like a foreclosure on your home.

You need a good attorney to make sure a Timeshare Foreclosure doesn’t haunt your credit report for years. Our attorneys can explain the process to you and seek ways to lessen the burden.

Even you have paid for your timeshare in full; you probably still have maintenance fees. The timeshare owners association can foreclose on your timeshare for unpaid fees.

A FloridaTimeshare Foreclosure law modification approved in 2010 shortened the amount of time needed to process a foreclosure from 18 months to a mere 90 days. It was hoped this change in foreclosure time would help to quickly remove and replace owners who can no longer afford their payments. The timeshare owner associations are now able to react more quickly to present delinquent owners with their various options -- including full foreclosures and deeds in lieu of foreclosure.

With this faster process, it is even more important to have an attorney providing you with the protection you need from the Timeshare Foreclosure.

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