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Initial Steps In Filing For Bankruptcy

Filing for bankruptcy is a highly effective way for people to resolve their debt problems. Reports of high-profile bankruptcies are common. For example, the privately held maker of plasic bottles Constar International Holdings, LLC recently filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, it’s third bankruptcy in five years. If you contemplate filing for bankruptcy, here are some initial steps…. Read More »

Alimony Reform May Be Back On Florida’s Legislative Agenda

It has been reported that alimony reform may be back on the legislative agenda for 2014. In 2013, both the Florida House and Senate passed a bill reforming alimony law, but the legislation was vetoed by Governor Rick Scott. So, what is alimony? Alimony in Florida Alimony is spousal support given by one spouse to… Read More »

Grandparents’ Rights In Florida

It can be distressing enough for a grandparent to face the prospect of his or her child’s divorce, but the prospect of losing contact with a grandchild can be heartbreaking. Despite the major role often played in the lives of their grandchildren, grandparents’ rights vary considerably from state to state. Although Florida has enacted a… Read More »

Annulling A Marriage In Florida

Divorce is typically how people end their marriages, but occasionally, a party seeks to end the marriage through an annulment. Basketball player Kris Humphries reportedly sought an annulment of his marriage to reality television star Kim Kardashian, alleging the marriage, which was filmed for the reality show, was a fraud. However, Ms Kardashian denied the… Read More »

The Intersection of Bankruptcy and Family Law

     At times the intersection of Bankruptcy Law and Family Law can be a bit confusing.  If you owe your former spouse money subject to a Final Judgment of Dissolution of Marriage, can a bankruptcy wipe out that debt?      It depends.      Factors you need to look at include whether the debt is in… Read More »

The Responsibilities of Trustees and Personal Representatives

     Whether one is appointed Trustee over a Trust or a Personal Representative (“PR”) over an Estate, that individual holds great power.  What some people forget quite often, sometimes to their own detriment, are the corresponding responsibilities that accompany that power.  When the Trustee/PR neglects those responsibilities, the Court may order the fees already paid… Read More »

What are Some Options for Forming a Business Entity?

Starting a business generally requires business formation. Evaluating business entities and choosing the one that offers the most advantages require both business and legal knowledge. Florida business law attorneys can help you choose wisely and start your business off on the right step. Depending on the nature of your business, you may be wrestling with… Read More »

What Problems Might Your Family Face When You Have No Estate Planning?

Families whose loved one had no estate planning often face certain hardships. Flagler County probate lawyers can help you deal with estate planning beforehand and relieve your family of an unexpected burden. A study conducted by Harris Interactive® for Martindale Hubbell in 2007 discovered that 55 percent of adult Americans do not have a will…. Read More »

What is the Bankruptcy Means Test?

When considering bankruptcy, you encounter many different legal terms involved with the process. The “means test” is a very basic term, but a key factor in whether you decide to file for a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy. A Volusia County bankruptcy attorney can explain this term in detail as well as many others… Read More »

What is the Florida Parenting Course?

Every state has different laws regarding divorce and, for a court to grant a divorce, you must be in compliance with the state’s rules. Daytona Beach divorce attorneys can explain the Florida divorce process and ensure you comply with all state laws and procedural deadlines. The Florida legislature passed a law requiring all divorcing couples… Read More »

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