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Our team is here for you throughout a complicated process

Setting up a will is an important step to ensure that your wishes get carried out after you pass away. This can be a complex process, and the team at Mara & Mara, Attorneys at Law is with you every step of the way. Our responsive lawyers help you to outline exactly what your wishes are, leaving nothing to chance when the time comes to divide your estate.

For those situations in which a will has not been established before a loved one’s death, we also assist with the probate process. This can be a very difficult time for all members of a family, and we do what it takes to resolve these issues as quickly and amicably as possible. It’s part of our promise to take care of both you and your legal needs.

Helping you through the wills and probate challenges

It’s tough to set up a will, simply because people don’t want to think about what will happen after they pass. However, it’s a very important document to leave behind for your loved ones, as it will allow them to avoid the difficulties that often arise through the court-centered probate process.

By working with one of the estate planning lawyers at Mara & Mara, you receive sound legal guidance on everything related to wills including:

  • Creating a will
  • Living wills
  • Power of attorney
  • Probate administration

As your legal partners, we answer all of your questions during this process and give you reliable advice on your best options. We want to give you the peace of mind you deserve that your wishes will be carried out once you’re gone.

Dedicated representation from strong legal minds

The team at Mara & Mara wants you to be successful, and we do our best to make sure you’re not overwhelmed at any point in the process. By working with our highly competent and caring attorneys, you ensure that the future of your estate is in good hands.

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To get the most out of making a will or navigating the probate process, work with the knowledgeable lawyers at Mara & Mara, Attorneys at Law by calling 386.310.2685 — or contact us online. We serve residents across Flagler and Volusia counties, including Ormond Beach, Daytona Beach, Palm Coast, De Leon Springs, Port Orange, Flagler Beach and Seville.