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Supportive Domestic Violence Attorneys Help Protect You

Our attorneys help bring justice to those who inflict pain at home

When you are the victim of domestic violence, it’s understandable for you to think that you are completely alone — but you are not. The compassionate attorneys at Mara & Mara, serve Daytona Beach & Ormond Beach, and are here for you in your difficult time. When your spouse or significant other becomes a danger to you and your children, we protect you and bring justice to ensure your safety. Throughout the entire legal process we remain calm and steady, building a relationship with you based on trust and mutual understanding so that you and your family can emerge with a brighter future.

Compassionate counsel in a variety of domestic violence cases

The biggest mistake that many victims of domestic assault make is that they hesitate to reach out for help. When you contact an experienced attorney at Mara & Mara, you have nothing to fear — we work tirelessly to ensure your future safety and bring justice to the person hurting you. We have experience in many types of domestic violence cases, including:

  • Physical abuse
  • Emotional abuse
  • Economic abuse
  • Psychological abuse
  • Sexual abuse

Our Ormond Beach lawyers understand that you may be afraid to reach out for help, but when you decide the time is right to get legal assistance, we are ready to come to your aid with assertive legal advocacy. Our top priority is the well-being of you and your family.

Attorneys who work to resolve a bad home situation

Do not hesitate to get the legal aid you need when you suffer from domestic violence. A family law attorney from Mara & Mara works closely with you to keep your family safe and provide solutions that include:

  • Custody. We seek the removal of the offender from your home and help you retain custody of your children.
  • Protection. If you still feel endangered, we ensure you receive protection from law enforcement.
  • Hope. With your domestic violence issues resolved, you can regain your hope for a positive future with your children.

Contact skilled domestic violence attorneys serving Ormond Beach & Daytona Beach today

When you’re dealing with domestic violence issues, call Mara & Mara, Attorneys at Law at 386.310.2685 or contact us online to arrange a consultation. Throughout your case, we remain open and supportive. You can trust in us to take care of your legal needs and, more importantly, take care of you. We serve people throughout Flagler and Volusia counties.